The Best Work From Home Nursing Jobs

Want to work a nursing job from home? Executives and call-center representatives are not the only ones with the opportunity to work from home. Nurses have the same chance to transition out of traditional patient care and work from home. There are many work-from-home or RN jobs available for nurses. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the healthcare industry to continue to expand and adapt to rely heavily on telehealth to treat and keep patients safe and protect their nursing staff.

Work from home nursing jobs gives nurses the ability to stay safe, work from home, and spend time with their families while still fulfilling their goal of meeting new patients and helping them manage and heal their symptoms.

The Bigger Picture

Nursing jobs from home allow nurses to monitor, support, and enhance the bigger picture of caregiving. Remote nurses help patients create care plans for a high number of patients.

In short, nurses manage the tasks of triaging patients over the phone, educating them about their symptoms, and directing them in the best way of managing and healing from their symptoms. In some cases, that could be referring them to a physician or specialist for further assistance.

Some nurses have little to no patient interaction and only focus on the data that drives success in the nursing field. These nursing professionals review charts and work with their physicians and nursing teams to create and coordinate patient care plans.

Each position has unique responsibilities, specific patient groups, and educational requirements that the nurse must meet to be qualified. Here are the work-from-home home nursing jobs.

RN Case Manager

An RN case manager is a nurse that works with their care team and their patients to create plans that will help the patient return to their standard quality of life. 

RN case managers serve as liaisons between their healthcare team and their patient as an advocate to ensure that the patient has everything they need to engage in the treatment plan effectively.

In this role, nurses handle short and long-term disability claims. Most of the work is done over the phone, email, and video chatting. 

The RN case manager works as an educator to help patients and their families effectively collaborate to help the patient recover. The nurse in this role must be an effective communicator, patient educator, and a strong team player. 

They need to have the skills to work simultaneously between the patient and their family as well as their healthcare team to ensure that the goals of the patient are met.

Recruiting Nurse

Another work-from-home job in nursing is the recruiter. Recruiting nurses work with hospitals to help them hire the most qualified nurses to provide face-to-face patient care. The great thing about this role is that a nurse can work with a hospital system or an agency. 

The role gives the nurse the flexibility to choose what working atmosphere is best for them and their career goals.

Nursing recruiters interview nursing candidates and attend job fairs to help find the best nurses for each position. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new nurses and network with other leaders in the health industry to help them find qualified nurses to meet the needs of their facilities.

Nursing recruiters also serve as educators because they get to learn about all of the different atmospheres in which nurses are needed and how to match the best nurse for that atmosphere.

In most cases, nursing recruiters fill positions in hospitals, specialist offices, doctors’ offices, and even home health care providers.

Nursing Consultant (legal)

Nurses with a major interest and lawsuits that include personal injuries, health insurance, or malpractice can pursue a career as a legal nursing consultant. They also help in cases that include insurance fraud, workers’ compensation, and even criminal cases that resulted in physical injury.

It is an excellent position for nurses who are looking for a change in atmosphere. Working as a legal nursing consultant gives nurses the opportunity to work from home as well as in a courtroom or with partnering with insurance companies. 

A career and legal nursing consulting it’s also very lucrative.

Insurance Claims Assistance 

The following work from home nursing job is the insurance claims assistant. Nurses that have a thorough knowledge of procedures, illnesses, and medical codes have an advantage when reviewing health insurance claims. 

Nurses can help insurance companies effectively determine if a procedure is covered or not and how much money the insurance company is to pay for it. 

Nurses can effectively collaborate with health insurance agencies and representatives to increase the effectiveness and streamline the operation of processing insurance claims. 

Health insurance agents and adjusters are not trained in treatment plans, procedures, and medical records as nurses are. The background in nursing gives nurses an undue advantage in making effective decisions for both the patient and the insurance company.

Virtual Triage Nurse

The virtual triage nurse is a great work-from-home RN job. The triage nurse speaks with patients and asks them questions to better identify their symptoms. Once they are clear on the patient’s symptoms, they escalate the patient care based on the patient’s needs. 

For example, suppose the patient has minor symptoms that can be treated from home. In that case, the nurse can get the physician’s approval and write the patient a prescription so they can quickly go to the pharmacy and get their medication and never have to come in to see a doctor. 

Some symptoms will require a patient to set up a doctor’s appointment. If that’s the case, the nurse will also help the patient set up their appointment or refer them to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

The triage nurse’s goal is to manage patient care as effectively as possible to lower unnecessary doctor’s visits, protect their nursing staff, and create space for clinical teams to utilize their time focusing on patients that need immediate attention.

Triage nurses also have the flexibility to work for pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and third-party telehealth companies.

 Health Informatics Nurse

Health informatics nurses are becoming one of the most popular nursing careers to do from home. 

The purpose of the health informatics nurse is to look at the bigger picture of healthcare by using data analytics to enhance patient care and create better evidence-based practices that will help more patients with less time. 

Health informatics utilize technology, effective communication, collaboration, and healthcare systems to help create better treatment methods. The goal is to make the jobs of nurses and other clinical staff much more manageable. 

Nursing informaticists also work as consultants to help facilities choose the best technology for their patients. The goal here is to create spaces and technology to help track patient outcomes consistently. 

As a new evidence-based practice is put in place, data is tracked to determine what could be improved within the practice to enhance patient outcomes.

Freelance Nursing Write

The freelance nursing writer is a nurse who enjoys writing and has a thorough understanding of medical terminology, policies, and procedures. 

The freelance nursing writer is an integral position to the nursing industry because many nursing websites, facilities, and doctors all depend on written research to help them enhance their practice.

Information is a currency in the health industry as well. Website content, the latest news stories in the nursing and health industry, and the ability to connect with the patient and promote services is an opportunity for freelance nursing writers to make a significant impact in healthcare.

Call Center Nursing Representative

The call center nursing representative is another essential work from home job that is ideal for a newer nursing graduate. It’s similar to the triage nurse. However, in many cases, it does not require as much experience. 

Nurses can work from home via a call center set up and receive calls from patients. Call center nurses do not work with doctors to prescribe medication, nor do they triage patients. 

In most cases, they only direct patients to the nurse they need to speak to based on their symptoms. It is a great way for newer nurses to get experience talking to patients regularly and understanding their symptoms.

 Nursing Educator

The nursing educator is a nurse that teaches nursing classes at colleges and universities. The demand for nursing educators has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic because the need for nurses has increased. 

Nursing educators or professors teach aspiring nurses online or on campus. They have a massive impact on the profession by giving their students the knowledge and hands-on skills they need to be successful.

Nursing educators show students how to keep themselves and their patients safe. To become a nursing educator, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

These are the best work-from-home RN jobs. It gives nurses the ability and flexibility to use their skills and passion to help patients from home.

The nursing profession now gives nurses more flexibility in choosing where they want to work and how they want to make an impact on their patients short and long term.