Accelerated Nursing Programs In Illinois

The medical field needs nurses and medical professionals right now more than ever before. If you’re looking to make a career change and already have a bachelor’s degree, you’re in luck! You can join an accelerated nursing program and jumpstart your exciting new career in nursing.

You’re on the right path to a high-demand medical career when you select an accelerated nursing program. Earning your accelerated degree shows prospective employers that you have time management, you can perform under pressure and stress, and get the job done quickly.

What Is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Accelerated Nursing Programs give students a faster opportunity than conventional on-campus school curriculum to obtain their Bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences. These programs are offered to students who are graduates from other fields who want to pursue a career in the medical field. These programs often bring classes together in quarters or parts rather than the typical semesters like the traditional classes.

Requirements for programs vary from school to school, so check early on during the process with the admissions office to be prepared. Getting into these programs can be a challenge. Competition is often high, and only the top group of candidates are accepted.

Top Accelerated Nursing Programs in Illinois

In Illinois, there is no lack of high-quality nursing schools. To help you learn more about the schools, we’ve collected some useful key points about each of them. Here are Illinois’ top 10 accelerated nursing programs:

1.   Saint Xavier University

Saint Xavier University is a Catholic School located in Chicago. A standard BSN, an online RN or BSN, or a second degree BSN can be selected by students. SXU is also offering an MSN, both as a whole program and as graduate certificates. The school also provides nursing scholarships and financial aid to help with the tuition fees, allowing students to have a more affordable nursing education.

The program length for the BSN is 15 months, but students need to have prerequisite requirements to be eligible.

Program Duration: 15 Months

NCLEX Pass Rate: 83%

2.   DePaul University

Depaul University, located in the center of Chicago, is the most prominent Catholic school in the country. The school’s MENP program provides students with an undergraduate degree in another area to succeed in whichever specialization in nursing they prefer. The program includes a great combination of creative arts and sciences, which helps you understand ideas, principles and study more closely in nursing. Many DePaul graduates go on to roles where they can take the lead and work with fellow staff members for efficient and cost-effective healthcare in a variety of related professions.

Program Duration: 2 years

NCLEX Pass Rate: 89%

3.   Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College has a two-year MSN program that lets you attend classes that combine online and on-campus learning. Elmhurst may not be as big as other universities, but you can rest assured that the tuition is well worth what they deliver. There are four major programs in the Department of Nursing; a standard BSN, an MSN, an RN to BSN, and a MENP (Master’s entry in nursing practice). The MENP is intended for students who choose to pursue a master’s degree with a bachelor’s degree not relevant to nursing.

Program Duration: 2 years

NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

4.   Illinois State University

Illinois State University has vast years of experience when it comes to the field of nursing. The school has a 15-month BSN program that admits only a small number of applicants. The credentials needed for admission are CNA certification, GPA, essay content, and healthcare knowledge and experience. It is equipped with a caring faculty and professionals in its area.

With a relatively small number of undergraduate students, Illinois State University is considered a small school setting despite being a public school. But this is one reason why graduates appear to pass NCLEX at a high rate of 96%.

Program Duration: 15 months

NCLEX Pass rate: 96%

5.   Lakeview College of Nursing

Lakeview College of Nursing graduates are recognized nationally for their competence in nursing. Lakeview provides students transitioning to nursing with an ABSN program. Since 1894, the school has been a nursing college that has been around enhancing patient outcomes, providing an atmosphere where students develop their knowledge to adapt to various circumstances.

In only four semesters, including a summer semester, this pre-licensing course helps students looking to complete their BSN and start their nursing careers. Students have to work hard during this program, tackling long days packed with both school and clinical work.

Program Duration: Four Semesters

NCLEX Pass rate: 80%

6.   Lewis University

Lewis University has a more personalized approach when it comes to education. The reason for that is because of the student-faculty ratio of 13:1. The College of Nursing at Lewis University has 40 years of experience in the teaching of nurses. The school promotes a great combination of Catholic principles and progressive education to its students. This practice is beneficial in teaching the students to have compassion for their patients by taking care of their body, mind, and spirit.

With its low student to faculty ratio, the two-year accelerated BSN curriculum will train you to be the best in the nursing industry.

Program Duration: Two years

NCLEX Pass Rate: 90%

7.   Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is considered to be one of the best private schools in the nation. The school specializes in providing its students with a well-rounded learning environment and thus provides opportunities for improvement. Nursing students are invited to interact with professionals in the fields of medicine, exercise science, dietetics, and more.

The school has an extensive network of hospitals where you can be deployed, and there’s even a chance for you to spend some time on the campus in Rome, Italy. You can choose your learning method; online and onsite learning.

Program Duration: 16 months

NCLEX Pass Rate: 92%

8.   Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Saint Francis Medical Center, College of Nursing, has helped graduates be the most sympathizing and professional nurses in the industry. The college provides BSN, DNP, and MSN programs with conventional and online options for students. They have a small student to faculty ratio, significantly contributing to the high graduation rate. Students who qualify will have access to financial aid.

Acceptance into this program is very competitive and requires that candidates meet various prerequisites to be considered. Check with admissions before applying to ensure that you have everything in order prior to submitting your application.

Program Duration: Two years

NCLEX Pass rate: 92%

9.   Rush University

The two-year, full-time on-campus Master’s Entry program prepares you for the NCLEX-RN and other qualifiers for becoming a Clinical Nurse Leader. The master course of Rush’s entry-level program enables students to draw on prior knowledge and clinical experience to apply patient care principles. It is intended for students who already have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, who wish to enter the nursing profession at an accelerated pace.

The school offers a variety of nursing degrees for its increasing student population. Equipped with a doctoral faculty, students are taught in small classes through a mix of mentoring and coaching.

Program Duration: Two years

NCLEX Pass Rate:  97%

10. Millikin University

In order to equip budding nurses with training in other fields to become healthcare experts, this intensive program incorporates practical training with classroom work. Students receive their MSN at the conclusion of this program, and at that time, they are confident to take the certification exam for Nurse Educator and the NCLEX-RN exam. In an attempt to establish a solid foundation, the faculty teaches an evidence-based practice that ultimately seeks to improve health outcomes.

A 26-month program is suitable for those with a non-nursing degree who are interested in becoming a registered nurse. You must have a college degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to access this program, and the course is a combination of online and on-site classes.

Program Duration: 26 months

NCLEX Pass Rate: 86%

Find the Right Accelerated Nursing Program for You

It might be enticing to see that a particular school has a high NCLEX pass rate, but you should also look beyond that. Judging a school solely on one or two criteria is practical for many, but you have to keep looking at all the pros and cons of each school before you make that final decision. Such considerations to remember include:

  • The average program expense
  • Will you get any financial aid?
  • Acceptance rate
  • The program duration
  • Various other advantages and disadvantages of each program

Thousands of nurses work in Illinois, and many more jobs will open up in the future. Usually, students pursuing a degree in the state gain experience at some of the area’s top healthcare facilities, helping them shape relationships that could lead to a career in the field. There are many accelerated nursing program schools to choose from. You just have to look into your options very carefully to see the program that will let you become one of the best in the field.